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Edge kids of a darker breed.

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December 18th, 2006

05:33 pm - People who gave up drinking, just because.
I like this article.

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July 4th, 2006

01:17 pm - good quote.
"An American Monkey after getting drunk on Brandy would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men."

-Charles Darwin
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May 21st, 2006

11:03 am - HA-HA!
3 Calif. Teens Burned in Aerosol Accident
By Associated Press
5 hours ago

LOS ANGELES - Three teenagers were burned Saturday, one critically, when an aerosol spray they were inhaling to become intoxicated burst into flame inside their car, authorities said.

Two boys, aged 16 and 15, and a 15-year-old girl were in a parked car "inhaling aerosol spray for the purpose of euphoria" when one of them began smoking, said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The flame ignited the aerosol, resulting in a "fireball" inside the car, he said.

The girl was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital where she was listed in critical condition with burns to 27 percent of her body, including her arms, back, and face.

The boys were listed in fair condition, he said.

Silly rabbits.
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November 17th, 2005

01:29 am
When looking for relationships, how important is the sXe factor? When does it start becoming awkward for you?
Is it when your girlfriend/boyfriend gets drunk, or maybe when they take that first drink, or maybe even when it's just a glass of wine on a holiday once a year.

Furthermore, how much should you expect your girlfriend/boyfriend to change for you, or should they change at all? Is expecting them to abstain from drugs and alcohol asking too much? What about when they expect you to be ok with their drinking or smoking habits, is that asking too much of you?

Curious about your thoughts on this.


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October 1st, 2005

04:45 pm - Technology to aide the art of binge drinking
It's all class.

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June 9th, 2005

06:16 pm - This is why we have Darwin Awards.

This was posted by a guy called "cookiemnstr82". Then, all the losers started coming out of the woodwork, talking about how it wasn't such a bad thing, and that some of them even tried it. Sometimes, I just wish these guys would just die, and get it over with. We could use the extra the space and air.

F--king losers.
Current Mood: disgusted

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April 22nd, 2005

11:12 am - Chain
I recently saw Chain, a doco-drama critiqueing the world being turned into one big mall and/or theme park, produced by Ian "Fugazi, Minor Threat, inventor of Straight Edge" MacKaye. It comes across surely as bleakly as the makers could ever have hoped, but fails to address the visual and spiritual pain it creates and its accompanying question, "What can I do to change this?" It remains fidget-inducingly long for its content, so I am unable to recommend it to you in good conscience.

Any thoughts from the sXe-goths?

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December 22nd, 2004

01:21 pm - Guardian article about non-drinking
A rare piece of journalism in a high-profile newspaper explaining that, would you believe it, some people don't drink.

There are some great quotes in here. I particularly like:

The great advantage of drinking, of course, is being able to use that Swiss army knife of an excuse: "I'm sorry, I was drunk."


Lucy ... when I ask why she doesn't drink ... replies that drinking feels "anti-life" to her. "When I hear people saying that they had the best weekend ever but they can't remember anything because they were so drunk, that does not equate for me."

Although I'm slightly worried by the bit that reads,

Trying to convince others that they can drink in my non-drinking presence is particularly irritating ... This is particularly frustrating when I am hoping to get them pissed.

Why would a non-drinker hope to get others pissed?

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December 16th, 2004

09:39 pm - PRetty Toy Video.
Click on the above picture to see the Pretty Toy Video... If you do not have high speed internet do not bother trying to watch it.. Sorry. Shawn Gaddy did this with a very low budget, i am very impressed (this is the best video i've seen in ages), so much so i am trying to get him a budget so we can work on a full dvd with Jef Harris the maker of the Decypher Video. If you wish to watch the older decypher video please click here. I'd like to thank Jef and Chaos Academy for hosting these vac videos... more are soon to come.. This is my gift to you fans. Enjoy this wretched holiday (corporate slave) season.

Check Out: http://www.velvetacidchrist.com

PS: Here is the low quality version of the Pretty Toy Video for dial up users. The sound is not all that great, but it will allow people with slow connections to enjoy the video... It is in Real Media format. Click Here To View.

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September 25th, 2004

12:55 pm
So, for those of you who don't personally know me, I moved from NE Ohio to Chicago to attend DePaul University there. I've been here for about a year and a half now. I didn't know anybody when I moved here except my girlfriend who also is going to DePaul. Anyways, over time we started to build up a friend base by participating in various student orgs. So we have a decent group now, not that they're the BEST friends ever or anything like that, just people to casually hang out with.
Anyways, last night 4 of them went off and got plastered at a bar, and the other two (who couldn't go to the bar since they didn't have fakes and were underage) stayed at home and got drunk by themselves. One of them's my girlfriend's roommate, so the next morning we found a 3/4's empty bottle of Smirnov Ice, a half empty bottle of some other clear liquor, and a 3/4's empty flask of some hard liquor in their freezer.
None of this is surprising, but it basically amounts to the fact that everyone i know in Chicago (sans my girlfriend and i) went out and got smashed last night. It sucks is all. I don't like to be associated with people like that, and it makes me miss my friends back home (who were clean) all the more.
So, sorry for the sob story, but i just felt like talking to some people who don't agree with drinking either. I mean, on a college campus it's hard to find people to talk to about that.

Current Music: minor threat- cashing in

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