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Guardian article about non-drinking - Edge kids of a darker breed.

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December 22nd, 2004

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01:21 pm - Guardian article about non-drinking
A rare piece of journalism in a high-profile newspaper explaining that, would you believe it, some people don't drink.

There are some great quotes in here. I particularly like:

The great advantage of drinking, of course, is being able to use that Swiss army knife of an excuse: "I'm sorry, I was drunk."


Lucy ... when I ask why she doesn't drink ... replies that drinking feels "anti-life" to her. "When I hear people saying that they had the best weekend ever but they can't remember anything because they were so drunk, that does not equate for me."

Although I'm slightly worried by the bit that reads,

Trying to convince others that they can drink in my non-drinking presence is particularly irritating ... This is particularly frustrating when I am hoping to get them pissed.

Why would a non-drinker hope to get others pissed?

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